The Rules of Curling for General Play apply to all curling at our club, unless otherwise specified below, or in the rules for the particular league.  All players are expected to be familiar with these rules.

Any concerns about application of the rules should be addressed firstly to the organizer of the particular league, and then if necessary to the Match Chairman.


All games officially start at precisely the time posted in the league schedule.  

If ice preparation activities cause a delay to the start of a game, the official start time becomes the time at which the ice is released to the teams by the ice preparation team.

The official clock is the large clock in the ice arena.

All league draws have a time limit for games that establishes the time after which another end may not be started. This time limit is applied to the time at which the last stone of an end, and any other stones moved by it, have come to rest. If any stone is not yet played, or is still in motion and in play when the time limit is reached, then no more ends will be played.
For league with 2 draws, no ends can starts within 15 minutes before the next draw.
For draw at 21h00, no ends can start after 23h15.
During the playoff, no time limit is effective

If a team delays the start of the game, either because they do not have at least 3 players or by choice, the other team is awarded 1 point and 1 end for each 10 minutes of delay, and gets the handle for the first end of actual play. After 30 minutes of delay the game is awarded to the other team.


In order to play, a team must have at least 3 players on the ice, and at least two of the players must be regular members of the team.

Spares may play in a team. It is the responsibility of the team to find spares when necessary.
If a spare has started in the game, and the regular player turns up while the game is in progress, the regular player will replace the spare at the beginning of the next end of play.

A member of a 5- or 6-player team may play as a spare on another team during the same draw, as long as 4 regular members of the team are playing for his or her team. He or she may not play on the team that is playing against his or her own team.

For the Monday and Thursday leagues, spares may only throw lead or second stones (not higher than the position of the replaced player). 
For Saturday league, spares can play at the same, or lower, position of the replaced member.  If 2 spares are playing, one must play lead. 
For other leagues, spares may play in any position; except during playoff.

Any player on a team, including spares, may take on the role of skip or vice-skip.

Change in team composition must be approved by the league organizer (or the match chairmen), 24 hours before the game.

Players are responsible to update the game result on the appropriate board.  Failure to do so, before the end of the current round will result in zero point for both teams. 

For leagues with 2 draws, the losers of the games from the first draw are responsible for cleaning the ice, to help the ice crew to prepare the ice for the games for the second draw.


Practice on any sheet allocated for league play must end 5 minutes before the official game starting time.  Practice by any one player on a sheet that has a game scheduled for league play is limited to 2 stones in each direction.

No player may throw practice stones on the sheet on which he or she will be playing.

For the second draw of an evening league (Monday and Thursday), no practice is allowed on a sheet that has a game scheduled for league play, due to the need for ice preparation.

Sheets that do not have a game scheduled for league play or other uses can be used freely for practice, as intensive as you like. All members are entitled to join in on such sheets, and share the use of the ice appropriately.


A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given to the other team and also to the match chairman of that league.  A postponed game must be played before the last day of the current round robin. 

Teams not respecting this rule will automatically default the game and the other team gets for the win.

A team with 2 members playing in a provincial or national event can postpone its game scheduled during the event without penalty.  Such case must be approved by the league organizer (or the match chairmen).


Consult the specific league rules for other subjects (sections, points, tie-breakers, …) 

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